Wine Tasting (IV)

Another Wine Tasting session with some friends. Well, I’m kind of late on updating my blog since it happened last week. 🙂
This time we did a “California vs Portugal”. I have a theory that says that a 30-40USD Wine from California is as good as a 10EUR Wine from Portugal.

I still believe in my theory, but unfortunately our choice of Portuguese wines was not that good this time. Too bad that we didn’t do this face-off last week, for the Wine Tasting (III) session.

wine tasting

We had 3 wines: one from California (Napa Valley), one from Douro and one from Bairrada:

  • Blend 24, 2004, Napa Valley, California: A blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot and 10% Syrah. An excellent wine (and expensive), we all loved it. Aromas dominated by Berries, texture finishes with soft tannins and a bright acidity.
  • Bairrada, Altoviso, garrafeira 1994: this wine is made only with 1 type of grape: Baga. I was expecting something as good as the last one that we tried last week – Primavera 1995. Unfortunately it was completely different, a lot worse than the previous one.
  • Romeu, 2003, Douro: This one was definitively different than the Douro wines we are used to. It’s interesting, but we were not crazy about it.