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Bruno and I took the Zend Certification exam here at the conference and I’m glad to announce that we both passed and we’re both ZCE now… :)

Here’s my certification authentication.

The exam had some tricky questions and it covers pretty much all of the aspects of PHP but I can’t say it was difficult.

For the ones who want to take this certification I really advise them to read the book: “The Zend PHP Certification Practice Book” written by John Coggeshall and Marco Tabini. You can buy it here.

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PHP and Unicode
Andi Gutmans from Zend, Andrei Zmievski from Yahoo!

- Definitions
. Character Encoding Form: representation of a character set using a number of integer codes (code values)

- Multi-i18n-what?
. Dealing with multiple encodings is a pain
. Different algorithms, conversion, detection, validation, processing… understanding
. Dealing with multiple languages is a pain too
. But cannot be avoided in this day and age

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