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Last weekend, I went with my girlfriend and some friends to a nice and trendy restaurant in Lisbon - Zocco. The food was nice, the service was excellent and the price reasonable (30EUR per person). We had some martinis, the main course, desert, coffee, wine and some other drinks at the end.

Although the restaurant was nice, the surprise was the wine we tried. Quinta dos Aciprestes, 2004, from Douro.

This wine causes a real explosion of ripe fruit flavours in the palate, showing at the end the excellent structure and perfect balance. Its price is something around 5 EUR but it tastes like a 10-15EUR wine. Definitively give it a try.

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Last night, some friends and I had a wine tasting session at home.

I bought 2 bottles from Douro, 1 from Alentejo, some spicy cheese, ewe cheese, creamy cheese from “Serra da Estrela”, bloodpudding, chorizo and I also made a caprice salad for everyone.

The wine choices were:

All of the three wines were really good and I would recommend all of them, but the big surprise was Crasto. Made from “Tinta Roriz”, “Tinta Barroca”, “Touriga Franca” and “Touriga Nacional” grapes, this wine while still very young, has complex tannins and a balanced acidity. I’m sure it will be a potential “honey from the gods” in a few years.

Cortes de Cima has always produced really good wine and it has never disappointed me. I have been familiar with wines from Cortes de Cima such as “Chaminé” and “Cortes de Cima” for some years. It was the first time that I tried this Syrah which is well structured, with complex tannins and good acidity. On a whim yesterday I decided to buy the top wine from the selection - Incognito 2003 - which I plan to keep in my cellar for the next 2 or 3 years.

Evel was a shot in the dark. I had heard good reviews about it and therefore decided to purchase it. Powerful body and flavour are interlaced with the boldly structured acidity and excellent tannin resulting in an elegant and perfectly balanced red wine.

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