Some people complained that I don’t update my blog for a long time.

Well, I can say that I haven’t updated my blog since I started working on a new project that was launched a couple of minutes ago. It’s the new SAPO Webmail (beta) -

Jan Schneider already mentioned this project in his blog some weeks ago. So you can read there all the techy bits. I’ll just summarize them in one paragraph.

It’s completely AJAX based and it uses all the new hype tecnhologies that we all read about everyday.
The development cycle started last October, so in my opinion it took 5 months to become the best Webmail around. :)

The new Webmail is still not for everyone. Most active SAPO ADSL users are going to be the first ones to have access to the new beta Webmail (130k email addresses for now), although everyone else is free to ask for access. Just login into the new Webmail (check the beta checkbox) and you’ll be redirected to a request access form.

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