Crime on the Internet is old news, specially crimes about sexual predators and child pornography. In my opinion, in the near future we all will need to be a little more careful about the things we publish on the Internet for our own security. There’s a niche of crimes that hasn’t been exploited yet and I realize a lot of people are not even aware about the type of information they publish online.

I’m talking about the use of the Internet to help burglars rob homes. If you think about it for awhile, a lot of people publish on their blogs where they are. Some even have maps of their current location. They also publish on their blogs about the toys they buy, their stuff, etc. and all this together can help a burglar choose its next target. However, I have not read about something like this happening yet.
Today, I read a story about the use of Orkut for other types of crimes. Earlier this month, a 43 year old woman was robbed and brutally murdered after a date set on Orkut. More recently a 19 year old boy committed suicide after a defaming message that was spread on Orkut. For this reason, and after several battles between Orkut and Google, the Brazilian authorities blocked or are going to block Orkut (whatever it means) in Brazil.

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