Now, as a new Macbook user and ex-Powerbook user, I can express my opinion about both.

The Macbook is the black version, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM. The Powerbook is 2 years old and it’s the 15″ version with the Powerdrive.

The performance of this Macbook is really awesome. Everything is super fast. It’s the fastest experience I have ever had with computers (Laptops and PCs). I love everything about it except two things: the display and the keyboard, but mainly the display.

About the display, I hate the fact that it is glossy and the visualization angle sucks. I wonder why computer hardware manufacturers reverted back to glossy displays. More than a decade ago, displays used to be glossy, but then someone with a brain realized glossy displays equal reflection, so they started making them matte. What was the Neanderthal reason for reverting back?

Well, about the keyboard I can’t really say that I hate it. At least the first impression was not good, but I’m still adapting. I don’t understand what’s the deal about flat keys. I thought the use of ergonomic keys was a standard nowadays. We’ll see in a couple of weeks whether I will get used to it and start preferring it or not.

About the old Powerbook, it is 2 years old and it is still good for today’s software. The display, unlike the Macbook’s display is awesome: it’s matte and the visualization angle is the best one I have ever seen on a laptop.

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