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Last weekend, I went with my girlfriend and some friends to a nice and trendy restaurant in Lisbon - Zocco. The food was nice, the service was excellent and the price reasonable (30EUR per person). We had some martinis, the main course, desert, coffee, wine and some other drinks at the end.

Although the restaurant was nice, the surprise was the wine we tried. Quinta dos Aciprestes, 2004, from Douro.

This wine causes a real explosion of ripe fruit flavours in the palate, showing at the end the excellent structure and perfect balance. Its price is something around 5 EUR but it tastes like a 10-15EUR wine. Definitively give it a try.

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I always loved skyscrapers and I would love Lisbon to have a skyscrapers area some day. I think skyscrapers give that future look to a city, but I only like them when they are all together in a certain area, not spread around the city.
Although compared to some skyscrapers around the world the Skyscrapers projects for Lisbon are really tiny, some of them look really interesting.

You can see a list of proposals here and a list of rejected projects here.