Portuguese Holidays iCal

If you want *all* the Portuguese holidays in your calendar, subscribe the following ics:


Here’s a list of optional parameters:

  • ey = <end year YYYY> (defaults to <current year> + 3)
  • sy = <start year YYYY> (defaults to <current year> – 2)
  • ct = <city> ({lisboa, porto} are the only cities currently available)


If you want the local holiday for your city, please let me know and I’ll add it to the calendar.

Hint: In order to have your calendar always up-to-date you should not use the “ey” parameter, since its default is . This way, your calendar will never be outdated. Most calendar clients do not have a “yearly refresh” option, which would be the best for this case, so just set the refresh rate to weekly or monthly. If you use iCal, you can click here to subscribe the calendar automatically.

5 thoughts on “Portuguese Holidays iCal

  1. How awesome of you to share this.

    Tip: publish the link with the protocol webcal:// instead of http so that iCal subscribes to it and thus receives all future updates. 🙂

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